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'Operation Savannah


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bulletOperation Savanna
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Disclaimer: War is a bitch and her spawn is death!

25 pounder artillary gun  


This site is not meant to be 100% historically correct as it is a collection of memories by Papa Troop of their experiences in Angola during Operation Savannah. Please email the webmaster if you feel there is a problem and we will investigate and take action. The site is about a war, so the pictures and rememberances may upset sensitive viewers.

The webmaster is not responsible for any site content other than design. Graphics and artwork are copyrighted to those who are contributors. Please do not reproduce any section of this site without written permission from the webmaster. 

Thanks  go to Nerys John; who did her masterís thesis on Operation Savannah and without whom this site may ever have seen the light and Stephan Fourie who kept the most detailed records and smuggled film out of Angola.