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'Operation Savannah


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The future:

It was a difficult transition to make back to Civies. The problem was that none of the men could not talk about their experiences due to a secrecy agreement. There were no trauma councilors to make sense of what they had gone though. 

The South African male  was in a situation they could not control, being at the whim of their government for call ups if white and second class if not. Society reflected these issues with symptoms of increasing lawlessness and aggression. Alchol abuse became common and stress related diseases increased.

Women were forced into taking greater control of their lives, as divorce and suicide rates became the highest in the world. 

The events laid down in the 70s brought much pain, but also enabled South Africa to confound the world with a peaceful conversion to democracy, and today  women enjoy equality and work parity  unknown thoughout Africa.

The past left itís mark with severe violent crime. South Africa enjoys the rare accolade of having the highest murders per capita outside of a war zone.

David Gibson: Left the army and joined the Post Office- ironically by doing this he was exempt from army callups. He qualified in 1979 as a Telecommunications Technican. He then joined Eskom and became eligible for army call-ups.

Married Gail in 1978. Has three children, all girls.   He did not complete his degree due to annual army demands and an 18 hour a day work load, something he regrets deeply. He states "I  would never again fight for a government ideal, but believe the army is good for boys, giving much needed discipline and comradieship."

Today he suffers from Skin cancer thanks to the effect of Angol htan sun on a fair skin  with no sun block. Sun block was not army issue. fortunately, his youngest daughter, who is a qualified chiropractor , Dr Alexandra Gibson kept him from having back surgery from his back injury. her website is .

Eion Gibson: Followed the same route as his brother, but married in 1980 to Diana Dugmore and has two girls. Completed his Diploma in Datametrics at Unisa and left Eskom in 1998.  Works as a consultant.

Stephanus Fortunatus Fourie. Left the army, but found it impossible to adjust to civies and he joined The  Rhodesian Armoured Regiment (RhACR) then the Selous Scouts and then the parabats   Married Maryna and has a son and daughter. He lives in Bellville, where he runs a financial advisory business  "A true multi disciplined practice far ahead of current trends." 

He  also served on national bodies, did national corporations strategic planning work, and emits vast quantities of evil smelling gas.

Brian Borchards; studied to become an accountant, married Moira and has four children. He has left South Africa and is presently in Texas.

Blackie Swart, Married and became a fireman.

Ed Stone, married Cheryl and has two children. Moved to Kokstad where he owned an auto electrical company. He now does diving and helps the community via an NGO.