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'Operation Savannah


bullet History
bullet Rowley Medlin
bulletArmy Rotte
bullet 1st Trip
bullet2nd Trip 
bullet3rd Trip
bulletOperation Savanna
bulletInfantry memoirs
bullet Returning Home   
bullet Artwork and poems
bulletToday the men.
bullet Reference works
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Most the site is from the men involved, but certain articles and books were accessed. Stephan Fourie did most the research and supplied most the information on times and  the photos. Derrick Barnes helped to transcribe the work into English. David Gibson was a co-ordinator and told me all the juicy parts when my computer was inaccessable and then forgot them as soon as I tried to write them down. Rowley Medlin is responsible for the discovery of the missing airmen's graves. Others have contributed though the years and where possible we have indicated where the information was found.

Articles and books

Rapport News Paper 10 October 1976

Die Huisgenoot 23 January 1976. Angola...die oorlog eis sy tol

Die Huisgenoot 14 May 1976. Kubane trek los met die Rooi OŽ: Koos Van Der Merwe

Die Huisgenoot 7 May 1976:Suid-Afrikaners die Kubane:Koos Van Der Merwe

Conflicting Missions by Piero Gleijeses

Buffalo Soldiers    Col Jan breytenbach

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